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Project and Development Services

The concept of the Workplace Strategy – preparing a workplace environment strategy - is becoming increasingly popular in Poland and companies now follow this path more often. Why? In order to adjust their offices to the needs of employees, enhance communication, productivity, as well as strengthening co-operation and joint activities. It is well worth doing.

Starting point – happiness for employees, productivity for the employer

The starting point for discussing the shape of a new office should consist of identifying the elements that create value for an organization and to put an emphasis on spatial and technological solutions that improve employee well-being.

Vision and workshop - While launching a new working environment strategy, we organize an 'opening workshop'. It is a meeting held with a company's management during which we discuss the functioning of the new office, its planned optimization processes as well as describing the vision of the new workplace along with the working environment.

Interview with the management - The goal of such interviews is to understand the usage of current office space and underline the most pressing employee needs. During detailed interviews with local management staff, we can inspect its business approach, cultural values as well as future strategies and goals.

Workplace Utilisation Study - The next step is to conduct research on space usage based on an in-depth analysis. It allows us to understand how employees actually use the available office space. The research is conducted by our “observers” who inspect the usage of particular office desks, meeting rooms and other functions. In this exercise we use own developed, high -end information technology tools being able to analyze current performance of the space from many angles.

Workplace Experience Survey – An anonymous online survey on the working place’s efficiency is conducted to measure a team’s satisfaction with its current office. The survey includes numerous questions on current working conditions as well as the preferred way of working, functions and office arrangement.

Focus groups - Creating so-called focus groups allows us to describe the required factors related to working places and, thus, enhance the operations of individual teams and departments. It enables us to identify business requirements, working styles, additional opportunities as well as future expectations towards working places and potential challenges.

Finalization - At the end of the optimization process, we summarize all conclusions drawn up during the previous phases. We then prepare a strategy for the space’s new arrangement with a focus on different working styles, new distribution of working places, functions and the location of individual departments. A well-prepared workplace strategy also includes project guidelines for the architect with a spatial budget.

Change Management

Change Management begins with the first contact with the employees – whether through an e-mail, online survey or an interview. It’s the base of the entire project, stretching from beginning to end, influencing behaviors long after it will be completed.

Our team is highly experienced in developing and implementing change management programmes in the area of workplace change and shifts to alternative workplace environments.

We will use the Managerial Interviews to map the readiness for change in the two key dimensions: appetite and ability. Understanding the appetite and ability for change amongst employees will help determine which key factors require attention and effort in order to manage the office transformation process.