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What kind of workplace do you need?

The ideal office

Modern businesses need to be dynamic and adapt to today’s working environment: you need an up to date office, a more flexible office, greater comfort for your employees and improved working efficiency.

At JLL we know what kind of workplace you would need and we have the experts to achieve your success in this field. Watch our video to see how we have achieved a sustainable, innovative, collaborative, flexible and productive workplace. Everything you see in the video is the JLL office and how we work today.

What kind of workplace do you need? Contact JLL and our experts can help you.


At JLL we offer a complete package of services: from searching for office space, negotiating lease terms through developing workplace strategy, green certification, technical consultancy and cost analysis, designing your office to delivery of the fit-out.

We can work with you on one service, several services or the whole package.

So… how can we help you?


  • a healthy and comfortable working environment
  • effective communication between teams
  • highly efficient employees


  • the best financial conditions
  • office size adjusted to your company's needs
  • control over fit-out costs
  • low operating expenses


  • attracting and retaining the best employees
  • attractive location for employees
  • an office that differentiates your company from the competition


  • an office that underlines corporate culture and supports its change
  • pro-ecological solutions
  • LEED/BREEAM certifications


  • space evolving with your company's development
  • contract provisions providing 'freedom to choose' during the lease period
  • avoiding constant office re-arrangements


  • guarantee of business continuity during re-arrangement works and office relocations
  • employees safety and data confidentiality
  • providing continuity of energy supply and building systems