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Practical Guide for Office Tenants

How to attract and retain – an office that's good for everyone

12-biuro-dobre-dla-wszystkich.jpg What can be done in order to encourage our employees to come willingly to the office? Can the office space occupied by our company support productivity as well as creativity, and have a positive impact on employee well- being? In this article I will describe several factors that should be considered by every company when looking for office space. 3Ls? Not only In the past it was commonly said that the m...

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The ideal office – a well-tailored space

11-biuro-idealne.jpg How much of our time is consumed by email communication, phone conversations and formal meetings? How do such activities influence a company’s development? How much time would we want to dedicate to working in silence? How many brilliant ideas are conceived in kitchens, lifts and while waiting for coffee? Are we working individually or in groups? So what should be the starting point for selecting an ideal...

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An office or an office desk?

10-biuro-czy-biurko.jpg Companies that are big, small or one-man operations. Offices needed for a moment, for a year or for five. Real offices and virtual. Offices with service included and those without. The market now offers an ever-increasing range of ways to lease office space. In this article I will touch upon some of the most popular options. A large space for big firms The most popular option among big com...

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