Clariant chooses Monopolis for its global service operations office

Leading Swiss company has leased nearly 4,000 sq m. in Virako's latest investment project in Łódź.

Clariant, the Swiss chemical giant, has announced that it will consolidate its existing offices in Łódź and open a new local headquarters in the mixed-use Monopolis project by Virako. Clariant has signed a contract for almost 4,000 sq m. of modern office space, with the possibility for further expansion. On the historical premises of the former vodka manufacturing factory, Clariant will locate its Shared Services Center responsible for providing services in the areas of procurement, logistics and finance to customers and business partners from around the world. The Lodz unit is one of three centers operated by Clariant’s Global Business Services organization which continues to expand in order to effectively and efficiently serve Clariant’s global network. Over 300 people will be based at the company’s office in Monopolis.

“I am delighted that another company operating in Łódź has been able to expand its presence in our city. This shows that investors from the SSC sector have taken a liking to the city's business climate. 20,000 specialists employed by the business services sector illustrates this fact with Clariant being the best example yet. I am glad that another company has selected revitalised object for its office. This clearly indicates that revitalization makes sense and that businesses are increasingly selecting such locations for their offices. I would like to congratulate both the company and the developer and wish them every success for the future”, says Hanna Zdanowska, The Mayor of Łódź.

According to Paweł Pańczyk, President of the Management Board of Clariant Services, "We decided to lease space in Monopolis for several reasons. It was important for us to have the perfect location and create a vibrant environment for our employees who are working in diverse, motivated teams. Talent attraction and retention is important to our success. What is more the uniqueness of the project allows Clariant to be a part of Łódź's original urban fabric. Monopolis is one of the key revitalization investments in Łódź whose great significance is not lost on us."

Monopolis, which will be created as a result of the reconstruction of the third largest factory complex in Łódź, is one of the most important revitalization projects in the contemporary history of the city. In addition to office space, there will be a variety of amenities such as a kindergarten, swimming pool, theatre, restaurants and cafes, a children's lounge, an exhibition gallery and a museum dedicated to the history of the former Monopol Wódczany (Vodka Manufacturing Monopoly).

Tomasz Leśniewski, Director of the Shared Services Center in Łódź, says: "It was also important for us to see how the developer cares for the quality of workmanship and details, while maintaining the historical integrity of the site. This extraordinary space will offer a wide range of office space arrangements for our employees and numerous additional functions and amenities, which will engender a positive balance between professional and private life. For our company, the availability of space, which we will be able to use in the future, in accordance with our development plans, is of key importance.”

Clariant plans to move to Monopolis in the summer of 2019. The new office will be located in a post-industrial building located in the central part of the complex. The scheme, one of three office buildings that will be located in Monopolis, will offer 7,200 sq m. of modern office space on three floors. The other two newly constructed buildings will be built in the later stages of the investment.

"In total, Monopolis will offer over 24,000 sq m. of modern office space. At the same time, with a further 5,400 sq m, the complex will perform a number of city-forming functions, offering a wide range of services and inviting residents to various cultural events. We will ensure that Monopolis will be a vibrant venue, regardless of the time or day of the week. Łódź very much needs an investment project that will both take advantage of its architectural and historical potential, and enrich the city's map with a new meeting place which will be attractive to both Lodz's residents and tourists," explains Krzysztof Witkowski, President of the Board, Virako.

In the negotiation process, Virako, the investor of the Monopolis complex, was advised by experts from the JLL company, while Clariant was represented by Cushman & Wakefield.

"The choice of Monopolis, as a new location for Clariant Services, reflects the company's ambitious strategy and its focus on the comfort of its employees. In addition to modern, top-quality office infrastructure and being well-served by major arterial routes and public transport, Clariant also sought out unique spaces and a wide range of services in the immediate vicinity. The multifunctional complex of the historic vodka distillery, dating back to 1902, perfectly suited these needs. Furthermore, from the very beginning, the client wanted to emphasize the Łódź character of the new office that would combine business and historical heritage," commented Zuzanna Krech, Negotiator, Regional Cities Office Department, Cushman & Wakefield.

Monopolis was designed by the renowned Grupa5 Architekci studio in cooperation with Jerzy Lutomski studio. The general contractor for the first stage of the investment, Budimex, started construction work in February of this year. The implementation of all three stages is expected to be completed by 2020. The sole leasing agent responsible for the complex is JLL.

Tomasz Czuba

Monopolis has a chance to become a new flagship for Łódź. The scale and design of the investment are already impressive for both the city's residents and tenants who are considering Łódź as a new location for business projects. Companies are increasingly looking for unconventional, eye-catching locations for their offices which will help to distinguish their company from the competition and which will attract potential employees by reflecting the culture and values of their organization. In this regard, the potential of Łódź is inexhaustible, and thanks to such investments like the revitalization of the former Monopol Wódczany (Vodka Manufacturing Monopoly) premises, the city increases its chances in the race to attract the most prestigious investments, including those from the business services sector

Tomasz Czuba

Head of Office Agency, JLL

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