Crafting tomorrow with AI at Kraków's Shared Service Center, 202

In 2028, Shared Service Center in Polish city of Kraków is a testament to the harmonious collaboration between humans and AI. Join Wojtek Krupa on a journey where Artificial Intelligence doesn't replace but elevates human potential, transforming work, life, and innovation in this tech-driven era. 


Kraków's first light was always a sight, and for Wojtek, it symbolized a new day. This morning, as the sun rays flooded his flat, he experienced a familiar sense of comfort. It was not just the sun that woke him up, but the gentle music chosen by Lumi, his AI buddy. “Good morning, Wojtek. Ready for the day?

Sipping his coffee by the window, Wojtek took in the sights of Kraków historic architecture. Using a transparent screen, Lumi projected some office updates onto a past and present, effectively filtering out the noise. "I have sorted out the routine tasks," it informed him. "You can begin to strategize and innovate today."


The Shared Service Center in Kraków has seen a massive transformation over the past few years, and Wojtek was at the forefront of this change. With AI, particularly Lumi, handling the everyday tasks, professionals like Wojtek have been untied. They could now redirect their focus from simply doing tasks to understanding and enhancing them.

Upon reaching the office, Wojtek's workspace recognized him with ambient lighting and a comfortable temperature - all tailored to his preferences. It was connected to the building's systems and could predict his comfort needs. Before his arrival, Lumi had organized his emails, prioritizing client communications, and highlighting potential areas that required his personal touch.


His favourite spot was a calm corner, decorated with indoor plants reflecting Kraków's green spaces. In the past, this space was used before for storing files. Now, with digital storage and AI handling data, it has become a sanctuary for brainstorming and ideation. Wojtek could think beyond the databases and analytics. He thought over on improving client experiences, understanding their cultural backgrounds, and personalizing their journey with the Shared Service Center.

Lumi, always attentive, would occasionally supply insights. "Based on the recent feedback, clients from Japan prefer more visual presentations," it suggests, or "The German team appreciates detailed analyses. A deeper dive for them?"


Around midday, Lumi prompted a break. "You have been at it for hours, Wojtek. How about some fresh air?" Following her recommendation, Wojtek headed to a nearby café, known for its authentic pierogi. There, he met Marta, a co-worker, and shared his morning's brainstorming. They discussed harnessing AI's power, not just for tasks, but for understanding global clients. For instance, knowing cultural holidays, preferences in communication, or even understanding regional business etiquettes. This was not just automation; it was about weaving a fabric of understanding and empathy.


Back at the office, there was a problem. The Kraków and Tokyo datasets were misaligned. In earlier days, such issues would have meant hours of cross-referencing. But now, Lumi addressed it swiftly, allowing Wojtek to seamlessly continue his ideation. The AI was not just a tool; it was a team player, ensuring Wojtek could consistently be at his best.

As evening approached, Wojtek reviewed his day. The contrast was clear. Where he once would have been drained from handling routine tasks, he now felt enlivened, his energy channeled into meaningful endeavours. Lumi did not replace him; it elevated him. Lumi took on the repetitive, ensuring Wojtek could dive deep into areas that genuinely received help from human insight, creativity, and empathy.

Wojtek left the office, the Wisła River reflecting the evening's golden hues. He realized that the true magic of the AI revolution was not in mere task execution, but in unlocking human potential. With Lumi shouldering the day-today burdens, Wojtek was free to dream, strategize, and most importantly, humanize business in an age of machines.


Fast-forward a few years to 2028, and the Shared Service Center lands cape in Kraków is nothing short of futuristic. Yet, amid this tech-driven era, one thing stays constant: Wojtek's pursuit of innovation, facilitated by his ever-evolving companion, Lumi. The dawn of this new age has seen Artificial Intelligence, become more intuitive, evolving from mere task-oriented bots to holistic life-enhancers. For professionals, this transformation is not just a technological upgrade, it is a paradigm shift in how they approach work and life.

At the workplace, basic analytics, which once consumed large chunks of Wojtek's day, have become entirely automated. AI systems delve deep into data, understand patterns, predict trends, and even propose actionable plan of actions.


Released from the bonds of routine number-crunching, Wojtek's role has metamorphosed. He is no longer a data analyst but a "Client Experience Architect." Instead of pouring over data, he collaborates closely with clients, understanding their aspirations, challenges, and crafting bespoke solutions that resonate on a deeply personal level. This profound shift in Wojtek’s daily responsibilities has been made possible because AI now shoulders much more than office chores. It constantly scans global business landscapes, absorbs cultural shifts, and even predicts socio-economic trends. Using all of these insights, Wojtek is competent to craft strategies that are not only datadriven, but also deeply humane.

AI also promotes continued learning. With routine tasks off his plate, Wojtek delves into areas like behavioural economics, socio-cultural studies, and even environmental sustainability. These were not mere buzzwords but became integral to his professional growth. Lumi curates courses, recommends readings, and even simulates real-world scenarios, allowing Wojtek to sharpen his skills and broaden his horizons

Beyond professional growth, AI has significantly enhanced Wojtek's personal well-being. It ensures he keeps a healthy work-life balance. It schedules breaks, recommends physical activities based on his mood and health metrics, and even nudges him towards hobbies he is passio­­nate about, like attending a local jazz concert or visiting an art exhibition in Kraków's vibrant cultural scene. Moreover, with advancements in natural language processing and emotional intelligence algorithms, AI companions can de­­­tect emotional states, offering support during stressful times. If Wojtek feels overwhelmed, it might suggest mindfulness exercises, connect him to a counsellor, or simply offer words of encouragement.


In the kingdom of collaboration, AI has been a meaningful change. Wojtek now takes part in virtual brainstorming sessions where AI systems, in tandem with human professionals, ideate, challenge, and refine strategies. It is a harmonious blend of machine efficiency and human creativity and passion for making the future. It's interesting to note that the actual work environment has undergone a transformation. With AI handling most planning, office layouts are no longer centered around workstations but are designed to foster human interaction, creativity, and well-being. Spaces are now modular, adaptable, and resonate with nature, reflecting the essence of Kraków’s environmental ethos.

A significant emphasis in this future lies in the ethical use of AI. Wojtek, alongside his peers, takes part in regular workshops on AI ethics, ensuring that while they harness its power, they stay conscious of its implications, advocating for a responsible and inclusive AI ecosystem.


Wrapping up his day, Wojtek reflects on his journey. From being stuck in data to figuring out new ways to innovate, his evolution has been big. AI, in his life, has not been about making humans obsolete but about elevating them, harnessing their unique strengths, and guiding them towards uncharted frontiers. This is not just Wojtek’s story; it is a testament to what the future holds. A future where AI and humanity coexist, not as contestants but as partners. A constructive collaboration where machines handle the mundane, and humans, liberated from routine, can truly dream, innovate, and inspire.

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