Diverse CG to relocate to a new office

Diverse CG (DCG) has relocated to a new office located in Generation Park Z, where it has leased over 3,000 sq m of state-of-the-art office space. As part of a comprehensive one-stop service, JLL represented the tenant in the process of contract negotiations, interior design preparation, and was responsible for supervising the finishing of the office space.

Diverse CG is a technology company that supports its customers by providing services and expertise in the IT sector. The company focuses on the implementation of IT projects and supporting activities on a range of recruitment aspects including HR departments, the optimization of employee costs and headhunting.

“Our team is undergoing rapid development and despite the continuing pandemic, we have decided to lease more and more modern office space. We believe that working in the office with other co-workers fosters the development of ideas and new solutions, which are absolutely essential in our industry. The JLL team assisted us throughout the entire process of both selecting the location and finishing the office space, which allowed for the smooth preparation of the entire office area”, says Michał Lewandowski, the President at Diverse CG.

The DCG office is located on three floors of the Generation Park Z building. The conference centre, located on one of the floors, consists of rooms which have moveable partition walls and access to a wireless AV system. This allows the tenant to have flexibility in both the area and format of the presentation. In fact, the entire space can be opened up, which in combination with the foyer located in the central part of the floor, can create a large event/ town hall space.

The office space is also equipped with a lighting system based on DALI sensors, which adjusts the lighting using presence and daylight sensors. This significantly contributes to a convenient working environment and reduces energy consumption

The office, designed in a flexible style with wooden and concrete elements being predominant, has a range of colorful features including telephone booths. All of the desks are electrically controlled so that employees can adapt them to their specific requirements, and the conference area can be adapted to provide more space for day-to-day operations when the need arises.

Marzena Zielonka

During the process of searching for a new office space and the appropriate layout for DCG, we were guided by the clearly defined needs stated by the client. The new office is based on the use of state-of-the-art technologies, which will improve the working environment and create a friendly place for Diverse CG’s employees. The location also played an important role. The leased office space is on the sixth, seventh and tenth floors of the Generation Park Z building, which provide excellent exposure to Plac Europejski Square and Daszyńskiego Roundabout. We are glad that we could participate in negotiating the contract and space arrangement for the client.

Marzena Zielonka

Director at Office Agency, JLL

Generation Park Z is an investment located in the new business centre of the capital city, Warsaw's Wola district, on Daszyńskiego Roundabout, and is well-served by the subway system and other forms of public transport. In addition, Generation Park Z has 102 parking spaces for bicycles as well as shower cubicles and changing rooms for cyclists. The building is 100% commercialized.

We put Generation Park Z spaces in very good hands. It is an excellent place to work, and not only because of its location. The entire Generation complex was designed with people and their everyday needs in mind. We have paid a lot of attention to the quality of space not only in the buildings but in their surroundings too as we have created a green area and square where one can relax” comments Paulina Strutyńska, Lease Manager at Skanska’s office unit.

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