Future technologies and local accents

The new JLL office keeps surprising. Tétris has just delivered the last three floors in the Warsaw Spire building, covering over 4,500 sqm. You will find here running tracks with computer screens, wall bars or Xbox. The interior is full of the latest technology solutions, like cameras tracking speakers.



A special video conference room named after Kieślowski (famous Polish film director) intrigues with its glass walls covered by a film reel, movie posters on columns and black curtains. – We installed a top teleconference system of Polycom, creating a so called ‘film studio effect’ – says Danuta Barańska from a fit-out company Tétris, which designed and built all JLL interiors. 

People entering this room are being tracked by electronic devices. The speaker is identified by a camera, which automatically zooms the face. This makes discussions more attractive and improves relations between participants. There is also an innovative sound isolation system – it eliminates all sounds but for human speech (e.g. noise of a cup or opening doors). The range of a microphone can be limited up to the area of the table, so that a person participating in the meeting can feel comfortable, e.g. answering a phone on the side.


Consierge on demand

Design of floors 26, 32 and 33 continues a story dedicated to Poland. Felt finishing (used in open space to improve acoustics) pictures the symbols of Warsaw: Świętokrzyski Bridge, The Royal Palace and The Palace of Culture. 

On the floor 32 there are conference rooms: Bug, Wisła, Warta and Odra, visualized by pictures of Polish rivers. These rooms are modular - they can work separately or as one big room. One of the moving walls serves as a ‘consierge stand’, with a special desk pulled-out of the wall.

Lace, fauna and flora

Lace is a key theme of all social space in JLL.  It enriches the design of new kitchens: Goose, Owl and Seal. You get particularly impressed by the Goose kitchen, being white and grey, with lamps decorated by natural feathers and curtains resembling wings. The Owl welcomes you with an imitation of green grass on walls, divided by wooden blocks. The Seal corresponds with see landscapes, visualized by a floor-covering with deck motives. – To stress the fact of opening this space in the Winter, we put a real sledge into this interior – adds Danuta Barańska from Tétris

From fitness to Xbox

The functionality of the new space comes straight from the needs expressed by the JLL team. Based on their comments Tétris proposed creating e.g. a so called ‘Fitness room’, with running tracks adapted to working with a computer, table football and wall bars.

In one of the creative rooms there is an Xbox. Modern technologies contrast here with a PRL (50-ties, 60-ties) design. On walls, there is a wallpaper with an image of a ‘TV test card’ (often displayed in communistic times), on the floor a carpet straight from the ‘époque’. – We also proposed a furniture picturing the old times, symbolized by a famous ‘266 armchair’ designed by Józefa Chierowski in 1962. – adds Danuta Barańska from Tétris.

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