Halloween special edition

Five types of office persolatities were desribed some time ago in the report "Age is just a number. Personality is what counts in the office". Today we would like to present something special: Halloween edition to our report.

There are five types of Halloween employees in the workplace: Pumpkin, Trick or Treat, Witch, Ghost as well as the Regular Type. Which one are you?  

Pumpkin type  – loves orange colour and playing with fire, although JLL Poland doesn’t allow to do that in the office space due to safety rules.


Trick or treat type  – huge fan of candies, although sweets are against his Intermittent Fasting regimen.

Witch type  – an office weirdo, pretty scary, although everybody is impressed how somewhat magical she can handle deadlines.

Ghost type  – the most transparent kind of people in the workplace, loves working afterhours, most preferably during nights.

Regular type  –  looks pretty normal but is the most unpredictable co-worker of all.

Happy Halloween to all workplace personalities. Boo!

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