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Anna Bartoszewicz-Wnuk for Bankier.TV. How JLL employees created their new space?

We concluded our new space arrangement with a focus on different working styles, a new work station plan, and the functions and locations of particular departments. We created space adjusted for departmental work, team work, projects, involving employees from different departments as well as quiet zones. The starting point for considering the shape of our new office was to define what creates value for our organization and to focus on spatial and technological solutions that enhance work quality. We wanted to create an employee-friendly space that encourages productivity, creativity and represents the “soul of the company”. Besides universal office space searching criteria, we also considered its quality, usage and design. JLL's Workplace Strategy is one of the services we offer to our clients. In Poland, such services are becoming increasingly popular and companies more often analyze their working environments and adjust their requirements accordingly. We decided on a full analysis of our working environment and, as a result, we completely changed our office with the aim of adjusting it as much as possible to the needs of the employees, enhancing communication, increasing productivity and collaboration.