JLL's Tenant Representation at the highest level

SEE A BRIGHTER WAY is definitely more than just a slogan for JLL. By combining innovative technology with the specialized knowledge we are known for worldwide, we open up possibilities that create a better future for everyone, including our employees who want to grow and excel in their careers. Through this approach, we have been able to gather exceptional individuals who form a cohesive, dedicated, and ambitious team, achieving tremendous success in the commercial real estate industry through their own effort, collaborative attitude, and teamwork.

We also recognize the successes and development of our employees by promoting them to positions that align with their roles within the organization. We believe that retaining the most talented professionals in the market is crucial to the development of a company that is a leader in its industry. We believe that JLL achieves this by providing an inspiring work environment and developing its human capital. Starting from July 1st, we congratulate our colleagues on their promotions in the Tenant Representation Department.

Anastasiya Yanetskaya, Consultant

Anastasiya joined the Tenant Representation Department as a Junior Consultant over a year ago, but she has been gaining experience at JLL for over 3 years. Her extensive experience in working with partners from different cultural backgrounds and nationalities makes her well-prepared to work with international clients. She actively supports both large processes and independently manages smaller projects. Her meticulousness, professionalism, ability to build partnerships with clients, and continuous drive for development make her an ideal candidate for the Consultant position.

Weronika Telecka, Senior Consultant

Weronika joined the JLL team in 2019, already having experience in the real estate industry. Working in the marketing department of one of the office developers, she gained a broad perspective on what commercial real estate clients expect and need. From the beginning of joining the Tenant Representation Department, she has successfully and consistently carried out office projects in the Warsaw market. Weronika's diverse experience and knowledge of a wide range of office clients and their specific needs are worth mentioning. Weronika has completed projects for clients in the media industry, diplomatic missions, leading companies in the energy sector, and insurance brokers. The entirety of Weronika's work and commitment has led to her promotion to Senior Consultant as of July 1st, 2024.

Martyna Jóźwik-Darka, Senior Consultant

Martyna joined JLL in 2018, starting her journey in commercial real estate by supporting the team as an Assistant and developing the JLL platform - - through which potential clients can find their dream office and read the latest market information. From the beginning, Martyna showed great interest in the work of agents and professional development in this direction. When the right opportunity arose, she had the chance to work as an independent agent. In the Landlord Representation Department, she has already achieved many successes, supporting other team members and winning projects through her own work and conducting various transactions. Her determination, assertiveness, and excellent tact win over clients who are looking for a true partner and advisor in the world of commercial real estate. With sensitivity, she strives to find optimal solutions for both parties in negotiated agreements. Since the beginning of July 2024, Martyna has taken on the role of Senior Consultant.

Martyna Markiewicz, Senior Consultant

Martyna joined JLL in 2021 as a Consultant, having gained experience at a local real estate agency. She quickly and successfully started working on projects for JLL's more demanding, corporate clients. She is also responsible for projects for companies whose assignments she acquires in Poland. She works with great passion, energy, and a smile. Despite countless obstacles and the need to find compromises in a demanding and dynamic market, she perseveres and strives to achieve her goals. Her efforts to strengthen JLL's position in regional office markets, especially in Poznań, deserve special recognition. Martyna was promoted to the position of Senior Consultant as of July this year.

Katarzyna Kłaczyńska, Director

Katarzyna, known simply as "Kasia" due to her talent for winning people over, advises the most demanding and strategic clients of JLL's Tenant Representation Department. Her projects for ING Bank Śląski and ING Hubs in Warsaw deserve special attention - long processes requiring meticulous planning, unwavering determination in execution, and resilience to stress. Kasia is appreciated not only for her commitment and attention to detail in her work but also for the incredible energy she brings to every process and the entire team. She is invaluable in building long-term relationships with clients and approaching business development creatively. Kasia has been developing at JLL since 2017 and was promoted to the position of Director in July 2024.

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