Keyloop to open its first office in Poland at Central Point

Keyloop, an international company specializing in providing modern software solutions for the automotive industry will open its first office in Poland and join the group of Central Point tenants. The building, owned by Immobel Polska, is located in the very center of Warsaw, at the intersection of Marszałkowska and Świętokrzyska streets. Keyloop has leased 1,687 sq. m. of modern office space, and will move in to the top floors of the office building.

Keyloop’s choice – Central Point – is a flagship project of the Belgian developer, Immobel Polska. The building has recently been put into use, and its total lease area is almost 20,000 sq. m. The office building boasts one of the best locations in Warsaw, as it was built right above Warsaw’s underground station merging two lines. Bike lanes, tram and bus stops as well as the Central Railway Station are located next to the building, thus delivering a guarantee of convenient travel options in every direction of Warsaw. The location of the office makes it easy to reach it by bicycle or public transport, and together with parking lots for bicycles and showers for employees is an example of a solution included in the sustainable development strategy which is taken into account by the developer Immobel Poland and by more and more companies.

Keyloop has already 40 offices in 28 countries across UK, Europe, Canada, Middle East, Africa and Asia. The next pin on the map of the company's global expansion is Poland, and more precisely its capital.

“Warsaw is a city with enormous investment potential, and a very attractive business center for this region of Europe. It still attracts new companies, despite the current global situation. Since the beginning of 2021 Warsaw office market has grown by 4%. We can already see the first indicators of increased tenant activity which definitely come along with confidence and optimism. I am very pleased that Kyeloop has decided to come to Warsaw, and that such a recognisable brand has joined the group of Central Point tenants”, says Chief Commercial Officer of Immobel Poland, Richard Aboo.

Keyloop will occupy the top floors of the building, or more precisely its 21st and 22nd floor, which is a mezzanine. The company will therefore have an extraordinary view of the panorama of Warsaw. One of Central Point's great advantages is the diverse and unusual for the city center views and the space outside the windows. From the western part of the Immobel project, you can see the Wola – a new business district with its modern infrastructure and tall skyscrapers. On the opposite side of Central Point you can see the historic part of Warsaw, the Old Town and Saski Park. There are also park areas outside. 

“Establishing Keyloop in Poland is a strategic investment that provides us with access to formidable talent, strengthening our ability to engineer, deliver and support world class software products for the automotive retail industry. The location is central and unique and and we’re currently working hard with a design team from Massive Design to create a fantastic hub that will inspire and attract our colleagues from both Poland and other offices around the world, making it easy to connect, collaborate and innovate”, says Claus Trillingsgaard from Keyloop.

The extraordinary space occupied by Kyeloop offers unlimited arrangement possibilities. The 21st  floor and the mezzanine create a niuance open space that is not limited by a standard ceiling. Central Point’s new tenant will certainly be able to create an innovative interior.

Says Richard Aboo, “Keyloop provides advanced technology to improve all processes related to the experience of buying and selling a car. It is a company that is a clear leader in its industry and creates trends. Central Point fits in perfectly with this. Our project also sets trends, yet in the office real estate industry, and the interest on the part of innovative companies with high ambitions and development plans is a perfect reflection of this. The space we offer is a creative and modern work environment that, in addition to supporting business, puts sustainable development at the centre of it’s operations.”

ESG stands for the company's obligations in the field of ecology, social responsibility and corporate governance are hidden. As companies declare their intention to reduce the environmental impact of their operations tenants are increasingly interested in whether the buildings meet the relevant criteria in this respect. Therefore, there are often questions about whether the office building is certified, whether the managers care for the environment on a daily basis, and for example if they properly manage waste? Developers have to meet such expectations, and adapt their properties to the new realities. From the very beginning Central Point – the flagship investment of Belgian developer Immobel Polska was designed in accordance with environmental protection standards wht was confirmed by the award of BREEAM Excellent level certificate. Inside there ar severl ecological solutions such as high-speed elevators, charging points for electric vehicles, and a modern lighting system. The average area of one floor is approx. 1000 sq. m., which guarantees excellent access to natural daylight. The construction materials almost entirely come from recycling.

Milena Lewandowska

Central Point is a unique building on the Warsaw office market – it has all the advantages appreciated today by companies looking for a space to work. Located in the heart of the city, well-connected and balanced office building offers tenants attractive spaces and the latest technological solutions increasing the comfort of work. In addition, despite its central location, it provides an intimate atmosphere that supports work efficiency and helps to improve the well-being of employees. This is what the international company Keyloop, entering Poland, was looking for. We are glad that we could participate in the contract negotiation process and that another well-known brand will join the growing group of Central Point tenants, including the Wolf Theiss law firm”, adds Milena Lewandowska, Junior Consultant at JLL, in the consulting company responsible for co-creating and implementation of the commercialization strategy for the Central Point office building.

Milena Lewandowska

 Junior Consultant in JLL

B2RLaw’s real estate team provided legal and tax advice to Keyloop in respect to the lease and Maja Biesierska MRICS, an independent real estate advisor in the search for Keyloop's new office in Poland adds, “Presenting the best office options for a client entering the Polish market in the midst of covid restrictions limiting travels was quite a challenge and required a lot of out-of-the-box thinking and solutions.”

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