Marynarska Business Park renews its BREEAM In-Use certificate

Warsaw, 5 April 2016 – Marynarska Business Park complex (MBP) has renewed its environmental certificate BREEAM In-Use achieving a “Very Good” rating (67%) in the “Asset” category. The BREEAM certificate has confirmed that MBP buildings are environmentally friendly. The complex has achieved the highest score in the “Transport” category which makes it stand out from other Mokotów office buildings and reaffirms its very good location in terms of public transport accessibility.

Marynarska Business Park complex with renewed environmental certificate BREEAM In-Use achieving a “Very Good” rating (67%) in the “Asset” category. Two years ago the MBP underwent the multi-criteria environmental assessment of its performance by Building Research Establishment. Having achieved high scores in all of the assessed categories, the building was rated “Very Good” and the score obtained was 67%. Such a high scoring was possible thanks to having implemented many pro-ecological solutions in all eight assessed categories: energy, water, materials, pollution, land use and ecology, health and well-being, waste and transport. In order to retain its certificate, the MBP complex has to renew it every year and once in three years a full audit of the buildings needs to be conducted. Marynarska Business Park is already gearing itself up for the next year’s assessment and implementing more environmentally friendly solutions.

Marynarska Business Park
Marynarska Business Park office building

The highest partial rank, 95%, was achieved by MBP in the “transport” category. Such a high score was possible thanks to the proximity of certain services and facilities – bar, bank and cash machine – and also due to having implemented certain solutions that encourage people to use bicycle as their mean of transport: bike stands as well as lockers for personal belongings and showers for those who commute to work by bike. Another valuable complex’s asset is the easy access to public transport and its nearby stops. It is very important in terms of tenants’ expectations as to the attractiveness of the location – more and more often it is defined through accessibility of public transport. There are tram and bus stops in the proximity of the MBP as well as urban rail station Służewiec. One should not forget to mention that the complex is situated by the Marynarska junction of the North-South Route which connects the complex with the Warsaw Chopin Airport and with the Warsaw Southern By-pass and the A2 motorway.

Special attention should be paid to the “materials” and “health and well-being” categories which scored 86% and 82% respectively. The auditors appreciated that the office space can be customised by tenants, its exposure to daylight, the fact that the occupiers can set desired temperature within the space they use, good air quality in the neighbourhood as well as accessibility to the complex for people with disabilities.

“Achieving the BREEAM In-Use environmental certificate was part of our rebranding strategy since the very beginning – we had to adjust our modernisation ideas to the certification requirements. We introduced a variety of innovative and
pro-ecological solutions: we rationalised our energy, water and heat management system, we replaced traditional lighting, we fitted water-efficient sanitary fixtures and we decided to use environmentally friendly chemical agents and hygienic materials. Since the very day we have received the certificate, we are sure that our office complex is fully integrated with nature and safe for the environment; in addition, the solutions we implemented have a positive impact on the health and well-being of the occupiers” – says Izabela Kapil, Vice President, Portfolio Management – Europe in Heitman.

The greenness of buildings is becoming more and more important from the tenants’ point of view. As Regina Gul, Senior Project Manager from JLL consulting firm responsible for the assessment, stated: “The greenness of office spaces is directly linked to the corporate social responsibility of business – the activity of companies is no longer confined to social and charitable initiatives, but reaches out to their supply chain, and that means office space suppliers as well. The BREEAM In-Use certificate for the MBP reaffirms that the complex is environmentally friendly and the adopted solutions improve the comfort of the users of the building.”

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