Serviced or coworking offices?

Are you thinking about replacing your home office with a more business-like location? Or maybe you want to expand your team and you need more space? Well, all your needs can be met by a flexible office.

However, let's start from scratch. The so-called flexible office space is quite a broad category and it includes both serviced and coworking offices. What is the difference then? Which will be more suited to your needs?


Nowadays, serviced offices often co-exist with coworking spaces in the same areas. Although the differences are not necessarily clear, operators’ offers still indicate that there is a distinction between these two types of services.

Generally, both provide the tenants with a ready and well-equipped office space available literally immediately upon concluding the agreement. Tenants have access to office spaces finished to a high standard, equipped with a kitchenette and office equipment. Users do not need to worry about access to the Internet and media as well as the cleaning of the office. Often these offices are located in prime areas within the city, with easy access to every district. Prestigious office buildings, whose design assumptions would prevent small companies from leasing, are available even for "one-man bands".


Serviced offices are typically closed spaces, often arranged in accordance with the modular office layout, except they are equipped with office furniture , telephone lines and are supported by administrative services and technical support. It is also possible to provide reception services and tenant branding. Depending on the operator and the acquired variant, you might also have conference rooms at your disposal - either included in the price or available for a fee.

Coworking spaces are open spaces equipped with long tables and comfortable sofas dedicated to developing business relationships with other office users as well as private rooms for meetings and phone calls. The lease is based on obtaining membership (even for a few hours), instead of an individual office desk. Hence, this is a perfect alternative for working at home. In order to help young companies in developing their business, operators also allow them to benefit from business accelerators and business manager services. Furthermore, they often organize networking events - aimed at expanding the knowledge on the most desirable topics worldwide.

What to choose?

There is no clear answer to this question. Everything depends on the preferences and the particular style of work. Currently coworking offices are no longer occupied exclusively by start-ups and freelancers. Thanks to the openness of this type of space they are also often selected by large companies that want to make better use of the creative potential of their employees. Serviced offices, in turn, are suitable for carrying more sensitive projects. It is also worth mentioning that the customers' flexible offices consist not only of new companies. This is also a perfect remedy for companies that want to increase the number of employees and require extra space. It is also the right solution for implementing short-term projects, carried out in other cities outside the company's headquarters.


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