Służewiec 2.0 for Office Occupiers

On Wednesday, 28th September, JLL experts held the seminar and presented Służewiec 2.0 report to office occupiers.

Służewiec 2.0, JLL

Służewiec Przemysłowy – approximately 83,000 staff, more than 1.03 million sqm of modern office stock and 30 000 cars every day. This is the largest business district in Poland, facing huge traffic jams, problems with parking spaces and lack of urban planning network.

Over time, its rapid growth has exposed some structural drawbacks, which are the results of insufficient investment in infrastructure over many years and the fact that its development has not been subject to an urban planning framework, which would form an element of a wider spatial and economic development strategy of the city of Warsaw. 

How can the mistakes made in the past now be put right so that Służewiec becomes a thriving and well performing quarter, one of Warsaw’s key districts? Will the further development plans, which have been announced, negatively affect its performance? How will the planned investments in infrastructure improve its transport accessibility? What will be the consequences for office occupiers? Finally, can the current stereotype of a corporate area be overcome and Służewiec becomes a fully functional part of Warsaw?

Mateusz Polkowski and Jan Jakub Zombirt have presented this white paper to office occupiers, in which JLL experts addressed these questions and others regarding the future of Służewiec as a business location. This paper assesses how today’s problems limit the district’s growth potential, discuss the planned infrastructure investments, and who their biggest beneficiaries will be. We at JLL have also asked a number of stakeholders, such as office occupiers, employees and local communities that are taking an active part in the ongoing debate, to share with us their opinions about the changes, which the district needs.

If you would like to download the report, please click here.

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