Virtual offices – more than a prestigious address

Opening and maintaining a new office is one of the more complex moves a company can make. Regardless of whether it is a small start-up just entering the market, or an international corporation expanding its empire to a new location, the challenges associated with leasing, fitting out and operating an office can cause many difficulties. Virtual offices are becoming the solution that challenges these adversities and one that is becoming more and more popular by doing so.

First of all - the address

One of the basic functions of a virtual office is to provide a real address for a company without having it to do business in a specific location. Virtual office clients obtain the right to register their business at a prestigious address in a given city and use it in official correspondence or contacts with contractors. The employees of the virtual office receive letters and inform the addressees about their arrival. In addition, they can also scan their correspondence and send it to their clients by email immediately upon arrival.


Such a solution can lead to greater efficiency because the services offered by the virtual office free employees from administrative tasks as well as from commuting to work. Each employee can work in a place that is most convenient for him or her, and the company is not limited to employing only people operating on the local market. What adds even more flexibility is the option of renting an office based on a contract that allows monthly termination without incurring any additional costs.

Complex offer

More and more companies running a virtual office, offer clients an even more comprehensive service. Apart from the aforementioned facilities, it is also possible to use accounting and legal services. If the company needs to conduct meetings with clients or partners, but not often enough to justify a permanent office, virtual offices can also offer meeting rooms upon request (regardless of whether they are needed for an hour, a day or longer). In such cases, our guests will be greeted and taken care of by a qualified member of the reception staff, who can also receive incoming telephone calls and even act as a personal assistant. Additional services provided as part of a virtual office also include document storage, IT support and business consulting. All this for a small monthly fee (usually less than PLN 100 for a basic package of services).

The synergy effect

There are many indications that virtual offices have become a lucrative niche in the office market. Such a solution is particularly profitable among companies operating mainly online, in which everything is done remotely and the business itself is carried out in complete isolation from the actual whereabouts of the office. A prestigious location in large urban hubs is also used by companies that have a "virtual branch" there. This helps them make their mark on the local market. It is also a popular solution among foreign entities wishing to optimize costs and conduct business in Poland. It's a much cheaper solution than furnishing an office, filling it with people and paying rent.

The customer deciding to use a virtual office saves not only valuable time and money but can also benefit from the experience and help of professionals working there, giving them a sense of security and an increase in the efficiency of promoting their business. In spite of all of the above, the recognizable address of the office and additional credibility of the company in the eyes of potential contractors is just the icing on the cake.



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