Metamorphosis of Marynarska Business Park into Diuna

The metamorphosis of the Marynarska Business Park office complex in Warsaw's Służewiec is underway. In the place of the former parking lot with an area of 6 000 sq m, a green park open to the city was created. Project at Taśmowa Street also changes its name to Diuna.

A number of solutions have been introduced to improve the operation of building systems, such as air flow control, VAV ventilation systems, carbon dioxide controlled ventilation and replacement of chillers. In addition, an intelligent building control system based on artificial intelligence is being implemented in the complex.

The most important works related to the creation of a new, generally accessible green area have come to an end. The concrete car parking turned into a park with 12 species of trees and 96 types of shrubs. This is native greenery, important for projects implemented in the spirit of sustainable development. In the courtyard there is also a stream and an educational, open pavilion that serves as water retention. The Diune Patio was designed in accordance with the biophilic design concept, which assumes that people have an inborn tendency to seek connection with the natural world and belonging to it.

Diuna consists of 4 office buildings with a total area of 46,000 sqm. In each of them, the lobby has undergone a transformation, of which the common element are huge, artistic sculptures. Diuna also offers a new infrastructure for cyclists. They have at their disposal 114 parking spaces for two-wheelers in the underground car park, changing rooms with showers, four chargers for electric bicycles and ground stands.

Completion of modernization works is planned for the fourth quarter of this year. Diuna will apply for the BREEAM In-Use certificate in the new v6 system.

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