Tétris has successfully completed fit-out work at CMS law firm's new office in Varso Tower

The stunning CMS law firm space in the skyscraper is the result of a multi-level collaboration between general contractor Tétris and developer HB Reavis, change management consultants from JLL, and designers from Trzop Architects with the CMS project team.

The Warsaw office of the CMS law firm is an example of a space of the future, designed to meet new, emerging standards on the market, both in terms of space plan and certification. Responding to the client's clearly stated expectations and preparing a culture-place-style office required a comprehensive approach. The CMS law firm was supported in the change management process by the experienced Workplace team from JLL, and the Design and Build fit-out delivery was entrusted to Tétris.

The change of location of CMS' Warsaw office is associated with the law firm's innovative approach to building a work environment that focuses on employee well-being and community building. These values guided consultants from JLL, who, along with the CMS project team, were responsible for preparing the office concept and supporting the change management process. A crucial element of the project from the perspective of the CMS law firm was the confirmation of the quality of the space with BREEAM and WELL Commercial Interior certificates, which the law firm will apply for shortly.

“In the design of the CMS office, sustainability and ensuring a healthy work environment were among the key elements. So at the fit-out stage of the space, it was important to select building materials, raw materials, furniture, or other finishes with a low carbon footprint. For the past year, we've been promoting the Sustainability Code and using software to help achieve the lowest possible carbon footprint at every stage of design and construction. This tool allows us to monitor ESG targets - both environmental and human”, says Pawel Pikus, Contract Director, Tétris.

The CMS law firm's office, with a total area of 7,000 sq m, occupies floors 39 through 43 - in the Varso Tower building owned by developer HB Reavis. Already at the stage of audits, designers from Trzop Architects were involved in the creation of the concept, and they are responsible for the final architectural design of the space. They proposed a completely new, customized functional layout, lots of glazing, and unique solutions, including connecting all floors with a specially designed unique staircase decorated with a mural and a 21-meter high vertical garden. Tétris experts became the general contractor.

“We were immensely pleased with the opportunity to implement this space. We knew from the beginning that there would be many challenges ahead, but with a lot of experience, we were able to meet them. The office is located very high up, so planning logistics was crucial - we had scheduled deliveries around the clock. A major undertaking was the construction of the stairwell. We wanted to reduce the risk as much as possible, so we opted for a bolted construction instead of a welded one. We had to use two scaffolds and properly secure the people working on them as well as the space around them”, explains Magda Muczynska, Senior Project Manager, Tétris.

The building of a unique 21-meter-high staircase took several months. First, the metal structure was installed, and the next stage was fitting glass panes. Before the assembly of the balustrade, the walls of the cage were decorated with a mural by esteemed artist Titus Brzozowski and a vertical garden prepared by Uroczysko.

The functional layout of the office primarily includes spaces dedicated to building relationships, collaborative work, and meetings, in line with the culture place concept implemented by CMS. In the interiors, we can find spacious conference rooms, creative work rooms, cafeteria-style kitchen areas, and libraries. The architectural design was very detailed, with lots of details, and all finished to a high standard.

“In this implementation, the quality of the materials used and their carbon footprint were important from the beginning in terms of certification. We reached out to our best partners. Concession provided us with built-in furniture, Inver with doors and glass walls, and Alkor with solid doors, carpets, and ceilings”, adds Dariusz Czaplarski, Senior Project Manager, Tétris.

The design and completion work lasted from March to December 2022. For such a complex project, it has been carried out extremely quickly and efficiently thanks to the multi-level cooperation between the companies: CMS, JLL, Trzop Architekci, and Tetris, as well as the flexible approach of developer HB Reavis.

“Our priority was to create a space where the law firm's team and their needs are at the center because these are the people who care about our clients. That's why we focused on modern and non-standard solutions. We invited the best experts on the market to work with us, and the result was unique interiors that are friendly, colorful, functional, innovative, and inspiring. We hope everyone will feel very comfortable here”, concludes Andrzej Pośniak, managing partner at the CMS law firm.

For the experts from Tétris, this was another realization in the so-called skyscrapers, just after the spaces in Q22, Warsaw SPIRE, Warsaw UNIT, WFC.

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