Topping out Ceremony on Alpha

Alpha is one of the 7 designed office buildings within Airport City Gdansk, the new commercial center at the Airport.

JLL is an exclusive agent responsible for the building commercialization.

A topping out wreath, which symbolizes reaching the highest point of the building, was hung at the Alpha construction site. HOCHTIEF Polska is expected to hand over the ready building to Gdansk Airport in the 2nd quarter of 2021.

"The coronavirus pandemic has confirmed our belief that we need alternative sources of financing of our company. Airport City is a commercial area which is expected to earn money and, thus to provide us with income other than only from the Airport. With the aviation and the whole economic crisis in the background, the sight of the Alpha building rising quickly on the Airport area is a breath of optimism” – said Tomasz Kloskowski, the President of Gdansk Airport.

“Topping out is a significant moment in the completion of Alpha office building. We are proud that we can be a part of this undertaking. In spite of the adverse external circumstances, we have completed the works related to the building shell. Thanks to the responsible and motivated attitude of the whole construction team, our suppliers and subcontractors, and the excellent current cooperation with the investor, the construction has not slowed down for even a moment. We are facing now the next project stage which we have started with full commitment” – said Tadeusz Blecha, President of the Board of HOCHTIEF Polska.

As the builders involved in the project inform the works on the building tightness are being carried out presently. The façade glazing and asphalt roofing insulation are under performance. The winter protection works are carried out in order to allow for doing the finishing works in wintertime. The last crane has been disassembled. The interior toilets are being built inside the building and the installation works are being carried out in the garage and the installation shafts. Resin floors will be laid in the garages at the end of this year and the beginning of the next one. Lifts assembly in the office building has been commenced. The contractors’ biggest challenges will be now the installation works on the roof and starting the decoration elements of the façade with scaffolding disassembly.

According to the contract, HOCHTIEF Polska is to handover the building with positive technical acceptance decisions of the State Fire Service and Sanitary and Epidemiology Authority (Sanepid) to Gdansk Airport in the 2nd quarter of 2021. Then the Airport will apply to the Construction Supervision Department for a building use permit”.

“We plan to obtain the use permit until the end of May 2021 and step into the commercialization stage. We are convinced that our potential lessees will be satisfied with the building’s high standard and its unique surrounding giving rise to a new airport district which will provide not only work but also leisure opportunities. The building will be exceptional in every way. It is situated in an excellent communication point between Tricity, Pomerania, the whole country and the world. It meets a number of high technological standards which guarantee its high electrical performance and make it environment friendly and comfortable. The acoustic standard of the Alpha office building deserves attention too. We have cared for the noise level barriers in the building taking all the external potential sound factors into consideration. Our basic aim is to achieve the appropriate acoustic climate in the whole building and in its surrounding space” – said Michał Dargacz, a person responsible for the project representing the Director for Airport City in Gdansk Airport.

Alpha is the first of the 7 buildings designed office buildings within Airport City Gdansk. The office building has 6 floors and 2 underground storeys. The rental area will be 8.5 thousand sqm. Offices and gastronomy and service zone have been designed in Alpha. Also, the sport and leisure zone is being designed.

The investment is financed from the bonds issued by Gdansk Airport supported by Bank Pekao S.A. and from the company’s own funds.


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